Fishing on Jupiter is the work of Kyle Brown, an American printmaker and painter working from Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina. Redux is a local center of the arts with 40 working artists. 

Connect with Kyle at the Charleston City Night Market on Saturday nights, or make an appointment to visit him at Redux: 843-568-3418, kyle@fishingonjupiter.com.


Josef Albers, Andy Warhol


Silkscreen prints, Watercolor painting 


Why fish? "Fish are incredibly exotic and bizarre, the perfect inspiration for creative work. I was fascinated to learn that the Wright Brothers developed flight by considering air to be a liquid. This directs my thoughts to the gassy giant planets, with their layers of dense atmosphere, and I dream of the different species that might exist swimming in each colored layer. I began creating art with the idea of pairing species of fish with planets, moons, and constellations."

Kyle is a self-taught artist. It's pure pleasure when he finally has the chance to create new art, usually late at night with a glass of scotch. 

Kyle began studio work in 2018 after 8 years as a business owner of an Early American tea and coffee company (www.oliverpluff.com) where he designed 200 products, exploring old fonts and taking classes in letterpress and printmaking, and ultimately silkscreen printing, which has become his new love.