Contemporary Fishing art ~ hand made prints by Kyle Brown, charleston, SC


Kyle Brown and Dad in Birmingham, Alabama in 1983. That's a 5 lb bass caught on a black plastic worm. 


Fishing on Jupiter is the work of Kyle Brown, Printmaker and Painter, from Redux Studios in Charleston, SC. 


Screen Prints, Watercolor, Intaglia Prints

Influences: Andy Warhol, Josef Albers, Leonardo da Vinci

Redfish caught on the Broad River in Beaufort, South Carolina, 2009


Why fish? Fish are incredibly exotic and bizarre, the perfect inspiration for abstract creative work. 

I was fascinated to learn that the Wright Brothers developed flight by considering air to be a liquid. This directs my thoughts to the gassy giant planets, with their layers of dense atmosphere, and I dream of the different species that might exist swimming in each colored layer. As I studied species of fish to look for ideas for abstract art, and I noticed that fish have colored stripes that remind me of the stripes on Jupiter. I began screenprinting with the idea of pairing species of fish with planets, moons, and constellations. This is the idea that brought about the print “Catfish over Neptune”.

But even without these more abstract ideas, I enjoy the flowing lines and barbs of hooks and tackle, as well as the sharp angles on fishing weights, and the beautiful geometric designs of fish scales and fins. I have endless ideas for prints that are waiting for ink.


Kyle comes to the art world from an unorthodox path, first spending 5 years as a relief worker in war zones and refugee camps in Rwanda, Mozambique, Turkey, and Honduras. These years profoundly affected his view of the world as well as his relationship to art, color, and the human condition. Most recently, he founded and sold a wholesale tea company ( which he operated for 8 years, designing 200 products. This experience in design led him to explore the world of printmaking, which has become his new love.

Kyle creating screen prints, 2018